The New Season Begins!

Dear ECMC Member or friend,

I hope you have had a good summer break. Some will, like me, have had plenty of music and come back energised for more playing. I would like to feel that the Club did more to get members playing outside of concert events. I always hope that members, especially new ones, will email me to say

I joined last year and have this work I would love to play, even if it’s only at home in private, so please would you help me find other members to play it with.

Whether or not it turns into a concert item shouldn’t be the only issue. This approach works particularly well with pianists – familiarise yourself with a work you like and then, if necessary, consult a committee or other long-term member for the right people to ask.



Here are the dates and Organisers for the season

Sept 11 Andrew Lewandowski
Oct 9 Li Lin Teo
Nov 13(& AGM) David Smith
Dec 11 Liz Sharma
Jan 8 John Heffernan
Feb 12 Saori Howse
March 12 Andrew Lewandowski
April 9 Li Lin Teo
May 14 John Heffernan
June 11 Saori Howse
July 9 Liz Sharma

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