Other Activities

ECMC Outreach Projects

Almost since the club was founded ECMC members have volunteered their time to form a small orchestra and go into Primary schools to perform my specially composed musical stories with hundreds of children at a time. All the children in the school learn songs, (some in three part counterpoint), recorder & percussion pieces, provide the narration, and create art work, etc. and experience the thrill of performing as equal partners with an adult orchestra.

The adult musicians have one rehearsal before the event, and usually spend a whole day in the school, to allow for two performances of the work, with a nice lunch in between. The excitement which builds amongst the children in the term leading up to one of these events is a joyful experience for the staff as well as the adult musicians. The children take responsibility for their part of the whole performance, learning to count their rests, come in at the right time, move at the right time, and create the art work.

Over the years ECMC members have enabled thousands of children in different schools to hear and see orchestral instruments, and to realize by watching the musicians, that music is a lifelong pleasure.

The stories performed in schools over the years are:

  • Wind Dragon about a music loving dragon who helps the children care for the environment,
  • Wind Dragon 2, the Sequel in which MP Stephen Pound accepted a cameo role
  • Rainbow Island – about villagers working together for the good of all, on a remote island
  • Zoo Tales – About clever, and musical animals who hold a party after the Zoo is closed for the night
  • Dave the Musical Caveman about the formation of the very first orchestra, when people first had to invent their instruments before they could participate.

Thousands of children & I are very grateful to the increasing number of members who volunteer for these events every year, in fact some people have played in every single one.

Liz Sharma, Resident Composer

You can read more about these works on Liz’s website.