Useful Information

For ideas of what to play, take a look at the Events page and the archive section, which will give you an idea of the wide range of music that has been presented during the Club’s first eleven years. You may find one of the following books helpful:

“Chamber music repertoire for Amateur Players; a guide to choosing works matching players’ abilities” 3rd ed. By Harold Haynes. ISBN 0 9524572 2 9.

It is very much focussed on strings, but also has sections on strings with piano and strings with wind.

There is one for wind players:

An Annotated Guide to Wind Chamber Music: Paperback Edition (Donald Hunsberger Wind Library) by Rodney Winther, 2004

The ultimate woodwind chamber music repertoire list includes every possible combo e.g. saxophone, violin & piano. Gives timings and whether parts are in IMSLP, but no guidance on difficulty.

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